Camper Guidelines

Please review this with your children to guarantee a fun and successful summer for all the counselors and campers.

Camp isn't school.  It's fun!  Although our campers will all learn from some of the more educational trips and activities, the summer is supposed to be first and foremost a fun experience. We will do everything we can to ensure the enjoyment of the summer. However, above and beyond all is the need for safety.  All decisions will be made with the safety of the campers in mind.

The counselors will be as lenient as possible when appropriate. However, certain actions by campers will never be tolerated. The actions of one camper especially will not be allowed to hurt the summer experience for the rest of the campers and counselors. These rules must be followed at all times.

Respect Counselors:
The counselor's word is final.  Refusal to listen to a counselor will not be tolerated. No exceptions.

Respect Other Campers:
It is our goal to make every camper's summer experience the best it can be. Fighting between campers, and ridiculing or belittling other campers will not be tolerated.  No exceptions.

Respect Others' Property:
Because we will be traveling to various places, including museums, JCC's and parks, it is essential that property be completely respected.  Any damage done to another's property will be at the camper's expense.

The counselor will not be responsible for money, wallets and electronic items brought to camp or on any of our trips.

Violating any of these rules will result in punishment ranging from loss of camp privileges, to discussions with parents, and even expulsion from trips. It is understood that at any time the counselor or director feels that the safety or enjoyment of  the campers or staff is in jeopardy, that they will reserve the right at their discretion to suspend privileges or contact the parents of any camper.